CogS/CS 3150 - Nonlinear Systems and Chaos

Fall, 2005


This is the home page for CogS/CS 3150 - Nonlinear Systems and Chaos, Fall 2005.     Various things may be added here as the semester progresses, so be sure to check back . . .

NOTE: last class day will be Thursday, Dec. 15 at 9:00 a.m.
If any of you have "presentations" you want to do, come prepared, and let me know what you have in mind . . .

What the midterm review might have been . . .


various agent based models (in RePast and/or NetLogo)

chaos explorer

Netlogo download page

Computational Beauty of Nature homepage (follow links to java applets to explore . . .)

Lotka-Volterra (from

Remember - Lab days Tues. and Thurs., Sept. 20 and 22; back in class on Tues. Sept. 27.