CS 3200: Computer Simulation Techniques

Spring, 2020


Instructor: Dr. Tom Carter
DBH-287       667-3175

Texts: There is one required text for this course:
     Complex Adaptive Systems: An Introduction to Computational Models of Social Life
               (Princeton Studies in Complexity)
          by John H. Miller and Scott E. Page

We'll talk about other resources for the course during the semester in class . . .

Objectives: To gain familiarity with fundamental approaches to computer simulation and modeling. We will explore a variety of modeling techniques and tools, and methods for design, implementation, and evaluation of models / simulations.

Grading: The grades for this course will be based on three components: written responses to readings and brief exercises, a midterm exercise, and project(s). My expectation is that some of the projects will be developed by teams. The components will be weighted approximately equally.

The work you do for this course will be your own. You are not to submit other people's work and represent it as your own. However, I do expect and encourage you to work collaboratively with others during the course.