Hons 1020

Mathematical Connections

Winter, 2009

Instructor: Dr. Tom Carter

Office: PSB 287a

Phone: 667-3175

e-mail: tom@csustan.csustan.edu


Texts: A Mathematician Reads the Newspaper, John Allen Paulos

How to Lie with Statistics, Darrell Huff

General Introduction: This course is intended to help you develop aspects of your mathematical maturity. We will be doing various explorations in the use of mathematics (as opposed to, say, arithmetic) in your real life. This will involve problem solving skills, and the application of rigor and analysis.

Requirements/Responsibilities: The grades for this course will be based on three components: participation/discussion, a presentation (group based), and a final paper/project. Each component will carry approximately the same weight. Plus/minus grading may be used.

The work you do for this course will be your own. You are not to submit other people's work and represent it as your own. However, I do expect and encourage you to work collaboratively with others during the course.