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Dr. Tom Carter
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Booklist - A booklist - mostly 20th C. fiction, but some other things too . . .
The Wheel (81-09-25)
Portrait of the professor as a young rebel

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I have been a professor at CSU Stanislaus since 1981, starting in the Mathematics Department. In 1982, I helped found the Computer Science Department. Over the years I played a central role in the creation and development of the Cognitive Studies program, and have been involved with the University Honors program. My central areas of focus recently have been complex adaptive systems and bioinformatics.

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Main items

SFI summer school -- Readings, etc - the Santa Fe Institute's Complex Systems Summer School.

Information theory - An introduction to information theory.

Linear algebra - A brief summary of linear algebra.

Quantum computation - An introduction to quantum computation.

Miscellaneous writings - Various things I have written over the years.

Cognitive studies - Cognitive Studies home page.

Nonlinear systems - Various nonlinear systems items.

CS program - Computer Science department home page.


Class Pages

General class page

Fall, 2001

Under construction :-)

A selection of older class pages:

Hons 3050 Methods of Discovery, Spring 2001

CogS 4200 / Hons 3965 Science, Technology and Human Values, Spring 2000

CS 4410 Automata Theory, Computability and Formal Languages, Spring 2000

CogS 4100 Philosophical Aspects of Cognitive Science, Spring 1997

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