CS 1500 - Computer Programming I

Fall, 2012


This is the home page for CS1500 - Computer Programming I, Fall, 2012. Various things will be added here as the semester progresses, so be sure to check back . . .


CS homework submission page

Project 1.       (Hello World)

Project 2.       (Due Friday, Oct. 19) (circle, and methods)

Project 3.       (Due Friday, Nov. 16) (climber tools)

Project 4.       (Due Monday, Dec. 3) (calendar tools)

Project 5.       (Due Friday, Dec. 14) (statistics)

NOTE: there are some updates in the StatsFrame.java file -- you might want to look at it again for some Windows specific stuff on file paths . . . and you can grab some sample data files below . . . in particular, the examples in the project description are there, so you can test your program . . . note that your data files must be plain text -- no special fonts or formatting . . .

StatsFrame.java (as seen in class . . .)

Some sample data sets (as seen in class . . .)

Here (should be) a runnable version of our calendar tool:

      Java calendar tool

ClimberFrame.java (as seen in class . . .)

Rectangle.java (as seen in class . . .)

Rectangle2.java (another version, using methods, as seen in class . . .)

Rectangle3.java (another version, using methods, as seen in class . . .)

Here is the jar for the "eric2" console classes:


Here is the source code for the "eric2" console classes:


For more information, see Eric's Console page